Company Artist Ben MacMaster adding the finishing touches to our largest mural yet


OUR PAssion is on Paper

The assemblage of designed space is driven towards experience. Wallpaper and fabric by MOTH is capable of transforming space into experience.


Working with artists who have developed their crafts over decades, at MOTH we use natural fibers and archival inks and papers to create time encapsulating designs that will enrich your interior environments. MOTH is photographers, illustrators, tattoo artists, and graphic designers who are passionate about bringing space to life. With a spirit for internationality and partnership in making, MOTH is a contemporary company built with artists from diverse backgrounds working to cultivate a world of expression through which to encounter interior space in new ways.


MOTH creates wall installations that impact and refine interior and exterior spaces. Scaled for any size room, Moth paper can provide focal points or underpinning to residential, hospitality, retail and work spaces.